• Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Portuguese Speaking Parliaments



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  • Following the insightful panel discussion on April 22nd, 2024, Bússola Tech hosted, in partnership with the Association of Legislative Schools (ABEL), the Senado Federal of Brazil and the Assembleia Nacional of Angola a dynamic workshop focused on the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within legislative settings. This interactive session, titled "Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Legislature," provided attendees with a deeper understanding of how AI tools can be utilised to enhance various aspects of legislative work.




    The workshop was expertly moderated by Mr. Roberto Lamari from ABEL and featured presentations from three experts in the field:

    • Mr. Alexandre Bess: CEO of LegalBot, a company specialising in AI-powered solutions for legal and regulatory information management.
    • Mr. João Lima: Legislative Informatics Analyst at the Federal Senate of Brazil, with expertise in applying AI to legislative processes.
    • Mr. Tadeu Sposito: Legislative Analyst at the Federal Senate of Brazil, focusing on the use of AI in communication and social media strategies.


    Each speaker shared their unique perspectives and experiences, showcasing concrete examples of AI applications within the legislative context. Mr. Bess highlighted the transformative potential of AI in streamlining legislative research, drafting, and analysis, emphasising the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to maximise the benefits of these technologies.




    Mr. Lima presented a practical case study of how AI is being used to automate the creation of informative summaries for draft legislation, significantly reducing the workload for legislative staff while maintaining accuracy and human oversight. He also explored the potential of semantic search technologies to improve access to legal information for both legislators and citizens.



    Mr. Sposito focused on the use of AI in the realm of legislative communication and social media. He demonstrated how AI tools can assist in content creation, image generation, and information verification, while also acknowledging the need for careful consideration of ethical implications and potential biases.



    The workshop concluded with a lively discussion on the opportunities and challenges associated with AI implementation in legislatures. The speakers addressed key concerns such as data security, privacy, and the potential for bias, emphasising the importance of responsible development and deployment of AI tools.



    This engaging and informative workshop, expertly guided by Mr. Lamari, served as a valuable platform for exploring the practical applications of AI in legislative processes.

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