• Session Priorities for the Modernisation of Parliaments in the American Continent 

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  • Bússola Tech organised on February 13rd, 2023, a significant panel discussion titled "Priorities for the Modernisation of Parliaments in the American Continent." This discussion convened a distinguished group of participants from diverse legislative institutions to address the modernization of parliaments across the American continent. The panel featured esteemed figures such as Mr. Gabriel Duarte from the Congreso de la República of Peru, Mr. Joshua Kravitz from the U.S. Senate, Mr. Mark Stodder from Xcential Legislative Technologies, Mr. Óscar Benitez from the Honorable Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina, and Mr. Rolando Duarte from Cámara de Senadores de Paraguay, with the session moderated by Mr. Luís Kimaid from Bússola Tech.

    The discussion opened with a focus on the balance between preserving legislative traditions and embracing the digital transformation process in parliaments. The discussion focused on integrating technology while maintaining institutional identity, underscoring the role of technical leadership from Secretary-Generals, Clerks, and others.

    The conversation then shifted to the role of technical staff in legislatures, emphasising their importance in supporting the core activities of the legislative process, and also about the needs and concerns of these staff members on how a robust digital strategy could address them.

    A key part of the discussion centred on the challenges of delivering user-friendly digital solutions to support parliamentarians. The discussion brought insights on prioritising and addressing demands for digital solutions, ensuring they enhance the effectiveness of legislative duties.

    In the final segment, the panel explored the need for understanding and mapping the priorities of different legislative areas for successful digital transformation. Strategies for supporting users who are not yet digitally ready were discussed, in addition to the importance of a well-designed digital strategy for making legislative information accessible.

    Concluding the session, the panel emphasised the vital role of ongoing discussions and collaboration in managing the complexities of digital integration within traditional legislative frameworks, highlighting the potential of these technologies to enhance legislative processes while preserving the integrity and heritage of parliamentary operations.

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