• High-Level Exchange on Cybersecurity in Parliaments with the Asamblea Legislativa of Costa Rica

    How it was

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  • On October 10th, 2023, a pivotal exchange took place, spotlighting the ever-critical realm of cybersecurity within parliamentary frameworks. This gathering was orchestrated by Bússola Tech in collaboration with the Asamblea Legislativa of Costa Rica, bringing together luminaries from various Parliaments to delve into cybersecurity's nuances and imperatives.



    The session saw the participation of Luís Kimaid from Bússola Tech, Esteban Sanchez representing the Cámara de Diputadas y Diputados of Chile, Rodolfo Vaz from the Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil, and Juan Carlos Chavaria Herrera from the Asamblea Legislativa of Costa Rica. Their collective expertise set the stage for an enriching dialogue.



    The digital epoch has rendered cybersecurity not just a luxury but an indispensable safeguard. The event underscored the alarming increase in cyber threats, particularly targeting democratic institutions like parliaments. The discourse pivoted around not just identifying the menaces but more critically, charting a proactive strategy to ensure legislative bodies remain fortified against digital adversaries.



    Rodolfo Vaz shared his insights on cybersecurity, emphasising the importance of distinguishing parliamentary data during the legislative process and safeguarding internal communications and documents. His presentation highlighted the need for comprehensive defence systems, leveraging AI tools for enhanced security, and underscored the pivotal role of user education in fortifying cybersecurity.



    Esteban Sanchez's contribution further enriched the discourse, elucidating on cybersecurity's foundational elements - integrity, confidentiality, and continuity. He detailed the varied cyber risks faced, including external attacks and natural disasters, and shared the Cámara de Diputados de Chile's approach to countering these through robust infrastructure, continuous education, and clear cybersecurity policies.



    The exchange heralded the importance of inter-parliamentary cooperation in navigating the cyber threat landscape. It showcased how sharing best practices and collaborative efforts could significantly bolster the resilience of legislative bodies in the digital age.



    The session concluded on a note of collective resolve, recognizing the criticality of such dialogues in fostering a secure, transparent, and efficient parliamentary process in the face of evolving cyber threats. The participants' shared commitment to cybersecurity underscores a united front against digital vulnerabilities, aiming to safeguard democracy's digital frontiers.