• Session about the Long-term Vision for the Use of Emerging Technologies in Parliaments

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  • On December 7th, 2023, Bússola Tech convened a significant symposium titled "Long-term Vision for the Use of Emerging Technologies in Parliaments". This panel was part of the larger symposium, called "Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments: Dialogue with Secretaries-General/ Clerks of Parliament". This session assembled a distinguished panel of participants from various legislative backgrounds to explore the integration of AI and other emerging technologies in parliamentary operations.


    The session, moderated by Luís Kimaid, Executive-Director of Bússola Tech, featured esteemed participants such as Mrs. Graciela Báez Ricardez, Secretary-General of the Cámara de Diputados of Mexico; Mr. James Rhys, Clerk of Bills of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom; Mr. Jonathan Ruckert, CEO of NovaWorks Australia; Mr. Márcio Tancredi, Executive-Director of the Senado Federal of Brazil; and Mr. Peter Finnegan, Clerk of the Houses of the Oireachtas of Ireland.


    The discussion commenced with each participant sharing their vision on the potential applications of AI in parliamentary operations, reflecting on how these technologies could transform parliamentary processes. This segment offered diverse perspectives, highlighting both the opportunities and the challenges presented by AI in legislative contexts.


    The debate then progressed to examining the practical application of AI in the day-to-day legislative process, addressing key procedural challenges and considerations in implementing these technologies within the existing frameworks of various parliaments. The participants shared insights into overcoming these challenges to ensure seamless and effective integration of AI tools in legislative drafting, committee work, and plenary procedures.


    A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to discussing the interaction between humans and machines within democratic processes. Drawing on concerns raised by thinkers like Yuval Harari, the participants deliberated on the essential guardrails needed to ensure that the deployment of AI technologies strengthens rather than undermines parliamentary democracy.


    In the final segment, the panel explored the financial planning and resource allocation necessary for implementing AI and other technologies. They discussed developing strategic financial plans to facilitate the adoption and sustained use of AI tools within the constraints of parliamentary budgets.


    The symposium concluded with the panel emphasising the importance of ongoing dialogue and collaboration in managing the complexities of integrating AI within traditional legislative frameworks. The discussion underscored the transformative potential of AI in enhancing legislative processes, alongside the need for careful consideration to maintain the integrity and heritage of parliamentary operations.

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