• LegisTech: Women in Leadership - Inaugural Edition

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  • Marking an epoch in the pursuit of legislative modernisation, Bússola Tech proudly convened the "LegisTech: Women in Leadership" conference on March 8, 2022. In the spirit of International Women's Day, this momentous gathering welcomed distinguished female leaders from Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures across the globe, collectively representing a myriad of nations.

    An exclusive summit for the legislative community, this conclave was dedicated to delving into the multi-faceted dimensions of institutional modernisation and digital transformation within the legislative domain. Our aim was to not only dissect but also to contribute meaningfully to these pertinent debates. This included scrutinising the starting points for embarking on a digital transformation journey in the legislative field, navigating the steps toward refining legislative drafting processes, and contemplating methods to make legislative information readily available and accessible.

    In a bid to enhance user experience in legislative solutions, the discussions also ventured into the exploration of technology's potential to elevate the legislative process, thereby promoting efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity. The conference was an incubator for the exchange of experiences and insights, fostering opportunities for collaboration and partnership between participating legislatures, and catalysing collective progress.

    The discourse was enriched by the contributions of esteemed participants, with each bringing unique perspectives and valuable experiences. These included representatives from: the Câmara dos Deputados and the Senado Federal of Brazil, Câmara Municipal Nova Friburgo in Brazil, the Congreso Nacional of Chile, Directorio Legislativo, the Hellenic Parliament, the House of Commons of Canada, the Knesset, the Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Senado de la República of Colombia, the UK Parliament, the Università di Bologna, and Xcential Legislative Technologies.

    Looking back at the inaugural edition of LegisTech: Women in Leadership, we celebrate the fruitful exchanges, the synergies identified, and the shared commitment to driving legislative modernisation and digital transformation. In this spirit of partnership and progress, we continue to strive for a digitally advanced and inclusive legislative future, where women are at the forefront of leadership and innovation.

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