• Empowering Legislative Innovation: A Reflection on the 'LegisTech: Women in Leadership - 2nd Edition' Conference

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    Debate: Managing the Process of Change

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    Debate: Making Legislative Data More Accessible

  • The "LegisTech: Women in Leadership" conference, convened its second edition on March 8th and 9th, 2023. This event served as a grand homage to the inspiring women at the helm of legislative innovation. We, at Bússola Tech, felt deeply honoured to host delegates from a vast array of Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures, highlighting the global significance and far-reaching implications of our discourse.

    The nucleus of our conference lay in elucidating the distinctive hurdles faced by women trailblazers in the realms of institutional modernisation and digital transformation within legislative environments. Our mission was to foster an engaging platform, facilitating a rich exchange of wisdom, strategies, and experiences, while encouraging a culture of cooperation across diverse legislative landscapes.

    In the course of the "LegisTech: Women in Leadership," we plunged into an intensive exploration of subjects of immediate relevance to legislative modernization. These encompassed issues such as embracing pioneering technologies, enhancing standards of transparency and accountability, and optimising the legislative process for increased proficiency.

    Our conference debates centred around two salient themes, integral to the evolution of modern legislative ecosystems. The first delved into the crucial need for comprehensive, readily accessible legislative data, highlighting the importance of digital platforms in promoting civic engagement and reinforcing institutional accountability. The second theme navigated the complex terrain of managing change within these hallowed institutions, examining the delicate balance between adapting traditional systems to cutting-edge technological advances and ensuring seamless transitions.

    The conference, designed exclusively for the legislative fraternity, ensured that participants found themselves amidst peers who shared their commitment and ambition. It served as a fertile ground for these leading women to connect, narrate their unique narratives, and collaborate on strategies that would foster meaningful change within their respective legislative domains.

    Our distinguished participants included representatives from the Congreso Nacional of Chile, the House of Representatives of Indonesia, the Knesset, NovaWorks Australia, TechCongress, the U.S. House of Representatives, and Xcential Legislative Technologies. Their collective insights and lived experiences significantly enriched our dialogue and catalysed the conference towards an overwhelming success.

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