• LegisTech: The Americas - Reflections on the 1st Edition

    How it was

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  • The inaugural edition of LegisTech: The Americas was convened with the intention of fostering dialogue and exchange on institutional modernisation and digital transformation within the legislatures across the American Continent.

    Representatives from various legislative houses across the Americas partook in this gathering, offering insightful case presentations on relevant experiences within regional legislatures, and contributing to thematic panel discussions on critical issues.

    At the heart of these discussions were the priorities for modernising legislative committees - identifying what areas need urgent attention and the best ways to implement change. This naturally led to conversations about how parliaments across the continent could work together more effectively to drive modernization efforts, underlining the importance of cooperation and shared learning.

    A significant part of the conference was dedicated to rethinking legislative drafting in the digital age, an aspect of the legislative process that's crucial to ensuring laws are relevant and effective. Participants also navigated through the challenges of updating the Hansard, the official report of all parliamentary debates. The importance of modern, accurate, and accessible record-keeping in the functioning of our legislatures was acknowledged and discussed.

    A standout theme from the conference was the role of leadership in driving modernization within legislative bodies. The need for strong, committed leaders who understand and can navigate the intersection of the legislative procedures and technology was a recurring point in discussions.

    Talks also centred around the concept of modularising and integrating legislative systems. The idea of creating more efficient, streamlined processes by breaking down the complex mechanisms of the legislative process into manageable parts was explored in depth.

    Lastly, the conference delved into member-friendly digital solutions, recognizing that in this digital era, technology plays a crucial role in improving how legislative operations function.

    Participation from a broad spectrum of legislative bodies, organisations, and corporations made these conversations richer and more comprehensive. Through their shared experiences and perspectives, we gained a fuller picture of the path to modernising and digitising our legislative houses.

    We are grateful for the participation of a diverse group of institutions:

    • Asamblea Legislativa of Costa Rica
    • Asamblea Nacional of Ecuador
    • Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina
    • Cámara de Diputados of Mexico
    • Cámara de Diputadas y Diputados of Chile
    • Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil
    • Câmara Municipal de São Paulo
    • Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
    • Congreso Nacional of Chile
    • Hellenic OCR Team
    • House of Commons of Canada
    • Itaú
    • Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Argentina
    • Legislatura de la Provincia de Córdoba | Argentina
    • Microsoft
    • NovaWorks Australia
    • ParlAmericas
    • Senado Federal of Brazil
    • Sindilegis
    • U.S. House of Representatives
    • Virginia General Assembly | USA
    • Xcential Legislative Technologies

    Their contributions made this conference a rich resource for ideas and solutions, advancing the collective understanding of institutional modernisation and digital transformation within our legislative houses.

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