• LegisTech: Devolved, State and Local Legislatures - Advancing Digital Governance at All Levels

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  • "LegisTech: Devolved, State and Local Legislatures" was a compelling conference that created a unique forum to explore and share experiences related to institutional modernization and digital transformation within Devolved, State, and Local Legislatures. This international event drew focus to these crucial institutions, which often act as essential bridges between the state and citizens, creating a rich tapestry of conversation around several core themes.

    The conference embarked on a journey into the realm of broadcasting legislative sessions and meetings, assessing the transformative potential of this practice. This discussion seamlessly transitioned into the exploration of crowdsourcing in the legislative process, connecting the dots between increased transparency brought by broadcasting and the democratisation of policy-making through participatory mechanisms. This reinforced the idea of enhancing citizen engagement, creating a legislative environment that is more inclusive and representative.

    A key aspect of the modernization discussion revolved around transitioning legislature operations to the Cloud. This technological shift not only represents the digital transformation aspect but also serves as a potential tool to enhance the efficiency and reach of legislative processes, thereby extending the benefits of broadcasting and crowdsourcing to a digital platform accessible to all.

    Simultaneously, the conference probed into the modernization of Inter-Parliamentary Paradiplomacy. This theme bridged the gap between institutional modernization and the evolving landscape of international relations, emphasising the need for Devolved, State, and Local Legislatures to maintain and foster diplomatic ties, thereby enhancing their global standing.

    Strategies for the implementation of open data in legislatures were meticulously dissected, bringing the conversation back to the heart of transparency and accessibility. In conjunction with digital transformation, the effective use of open data becomes a cornerstone in building trust and promoting active citizen participation.

    Human Resource (HR) development and the modernization of legislative drafting were discussed, emphasising the need for a skilled and agile workforce capable of operating in a rapidly digitising world. In tandem, improving the drafting of legislations to reflect contemporary societal and technological realities ensures that the laws remain relevant and effective in the digital era.

    Lastly, the conversation veered towards user experience in legislative solutions, cementing the idea that institutional modernization and digital transformation should ultimately benefit the citizens. This theme brought together all the previous discussions, underlining the fact that whether it's broadcasting, crowdsourcing, transitioning to the Cloud, paradiplomacy, open data, HR development, or legislative drafting, all these initiatives must converge on enhancing user experience for citizens, making their interaction with legislative bodies as seamless and productive as possible.

    The conference was a collective effort involving numerous esteemed institutions. We were graced by the participation of ABCPública, Assembleia Legislativa do Rio Grande do Norte | Brazil, Assembleia Legislativa do Estado de Minas Gerais | Brazil, Câmara Municipal de São Paulo | Brazil, Concejo de Bogotá | Colombia, Drafting Office of Jersey | United Kingdom, FiscalNote, Gauteng Provincial Legislature | South Africa, GovLab, Interlegis | Brazil, International Republican Institute, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature | South Africa, Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires | Argentina, Legislative Assembly of Ontario | Canada, Legislative Sector Support from the Parliament | South Africa, Legislatura de la Provincia de Córdoba | Argentina, National Conference of State Legislatures, Northern Ireland Assembly | United Kingdom, Nova Scotia Department of Justice | Canada, NovaWorks Australia, Open Ownership | Argentina, Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa | Pakistan, RLTL, Senedd Cymru | United Kingdom, States of Jersey Assembly | United Kingdom, Universidad Austral, and Xcential Legislative Technologies. The wide array of perspectives contributed to a rich and diverse discussion, underscoring the importance of global collaboration in achieving institutional modernization and digital transformation.

    "LegisTech: Devolved, State and Local Legislatures" conference symbolised a unique crossroads of cultures, experiences, and ideas, generating a wealth of insights on institutional modernization and digital transformation. As we reflect on the insightful exchanges and discussions, we are reminded that the pursuit of more efficient, transparent, and accessible legislative processes is indeed a shared endeavour that transcends borders. This conference not only shed light on the complexities and challenges of this journey but also fostered a renewed sense of collective commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in our respective legislatures.

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