• Pioneering the Digital Parliament in the Parliamentarism Day: LegisTech Conference

    How it was

  • Celebrating the International Day of Parliamentarism in 2021, Bússola Tech convened an invigorating summit with participants from the four corners of the globe. Among those who graced the event were esteemed parliaments from various countries, inter-parliamentary organisations, private sector leaders, and distinguished members of academia.

    The 8-hour conference was an extraordinary assembly of experts and thought leaders from diverse sectors. The gathering featured civil servants from various legislative houses, primarily those in the IT sector and those involved in the legislative process, as well as individuals in institutional leadership positions. Entrepreneurs and scholars also joined, enriching the diversity and depth of dialogue.

    The underlying objective of this monumental event was to forge a new path of synergy and collaboration among crucial stakeholders globally. The focus was on invigorating the legislative modernization endeavour in a world recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Participants were engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies around the digital transformation of legislative houses. They deliberated on how legislative bodies can capitalise on the potential of technology to enhance legislative processes and operations.

    One of the prominent topics of discussion was the future of legislative houses in a digitally empowered world. This dialogue sought to unravel the potential implications and prospects that technology can bring to the legislative process.

    The conversation also centred on how interparliamentary cooperation can fuel the digital transformation of the legislative process. The participants identified avenues for collaboration, reflecting the spirit of diplomacy that characterised the event.

    The role of institutional leadership in spearheading the modernization process in the legislative sphere was another critical area of focus. Participants explored the importance of leadership and governance in the journey towards a more digital and modern legislative process.

    The event saw participants from prominent legislative institutions and organisations, including: Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil, Câmara Municipal de São Paulo, Demand Progress, Democracia Digital, EU Parliament, FiscalNote, Hellenic Parliament, Manco Tech, National Democratic Institute, OECD, Openlegis, Pan-African Parliament, Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, Política Viva, Popvox, Senado Federal of Brazil, U.S. House of Representatives, UK Parliament, and Xcential Legislative Technologies.

    Overall, the LegisTech Conference was a testament to the power of international cooperation in addressing the challenges and opportunities of legislative modernisation in a post-covid era.