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  • The LegisTech Forum - 4th Edition, hosted by Bússola Tech, was a dynamic confluence of global legislative minds, all converging to discuss and share insights on the digital transformation within their respective Parliaments. This event stood out for its in-depth exploration of the multifaceted aspects of digital evolution in legislative institutions.


    At the core of the forum were presentations focusing on the recent digital strides in various legislative bodies. The presenters illuminated the emerging challenges faced over the past year, particularly highlighting the digital transformation challenges encountered in the wake of the pandemic. These insights offered a candid look into how legislatures worldwide have been adapting to an increasingly digital operational landscape.


    A significant portion of the discussion revolved around the diverse perspectives on how their legislatures have embraced digital platforms and solutions, with insights from Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff, civil servants, and the public. This holistic approach provided a comprehensive understanding of the digital adaptation process from multiple vantage points.


    The presentations also shed light on recent accomplishments in digital transformation, showcasing the use of digital tools in legislative drafting, decision-making, and the tracking of bills. Enhancements in internal communication channels, the digitalisation of document management systems, and improvements in public-facing digital services like website navigation and information access were highlighted. These updates underscored the progress in making legislative processes more transparent, accessible, and efficient.


    Another critical topic addressed was cybersecurity. The speakers shared their insights into the latest threats and the strategies their parliaments are employing to mitigate these risks. This topic underscored the importance of robust digital defences in the safeguarding of democratic processes.


    Training and upskilling emerged as a pivotal theme, emphasising the need for continuous learning to adapt to new digital solutions. The experience of training initiatives for Members of Parliament, staff, and civil servants was shared, highlighting the ongoing effort to build digital proficiency within legislative bodies.


    The forum also highlighted collaborations and partnerships. Presenters discussed their efforts in working with other parliaments, NGOs, inter-parliamentary organisations, and private companies, showcasing the collaborative spirit essential for successful digital transformation.


    Digital equality, accessibility, and inclusivity in digital solutions formed another key part of the discussion. Speakers shared strategies implemented to ensure that digital advancements are accessible and inclusive for all, focusing on providing reliable internet access and promoting digital literacy.


    The impact of digital transformation on traditional legislative procedures and culture was another area of focus. Presenters reflected on how the shift to digital is influencing long standing legislative practices and the broader cultural implications within parliaments.


    Unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of the digital shift were also discussed, offering insightful reflections on the broader impact of modernization efforts.


    Finally, the forum looked forward, with presentations outlining future plans and strategies for digital transformation. The lessons learned from past efforts provided valuable guidance for future modernization initiatives, and presenters shared their visions for the future of legislative power in an increasingly digital world.


    In summary, the LegisTech Forum - 4th Edition offered a rich and varied perspective on the digital transformation journeys of legislatures worldwide, highlighting the challenges, successes, and aspirations in integrating technology into the fabric of democratic governance.

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