• LegisTech: the Commonwealth Community of Parliaments | Common Threads, Diverse Designs in Legislative Modernisation 

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  • Bússola Tech had the honour of facilitating the initial conference of the Commonwealth Community of Parliaments and Subnational Legislatures. In creating a virtual space for such an esteemed assembly, we aimed to shine a light on the remarkable strides these institutions have made in the realm of legislative modernisation and digital transformation. By bridging diverse time zones and digital platforms, we celebrated the collective achievements of this varied yet interconnected community.

    Our shared dialogue demonstrated the power of collaboration in overcoming challenges and finding innovative solutions, further enriching the ongoing journey of digital progress within the legislative landscape of the Commonwealth. Bússola Tech, as the humble facilitator, remains dedicated to nurturing such meaningful interactions, contributing to the harmonious and progressive evolution of the Commonwealth's legislative tapestry.

    This event was customised for a broad audience that included national and subnational legislatures, civil servants, parliamentary staff, and Members of Parliament. Appreciating the crucial role of inter-parliamentary collaboration, the conference saw a deep and fruitful discourse enriched by a diverse range of experiences and innovative perspectives.

    Through thoughtfully designed case presentations and thematic panel discussions, the conference honed in on several key themes. First among these was identifying the roadmap for a comprehensive legislative modernisation strategy. In an increasingly digital era, the conference acknowledged the need for legislatures to adapt and evolve.

    Another major area of focus was the notion of becoming a 'Data-first' legislature, signifying a phased transition from traditional paper-based systems to more modern, digital platforms. The conference stressed the importance of data-driven decision-making, and how it could lead to more effective and efficient legislatures.

    An essential part of this transition involved integrating legislative systems and improving user interfaces in legislative solutions. The conference underlined the critical role of seamless integration in optimising the functionality of legislative operations, and how an enhanced user experience could make legislative processes more accessible and inclusive.

    The conference brought together a distinguished list of participants, including national parliaments, legislative councils, and subnational legislatures.


    • Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel
    • Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
    • Gauteng Provincial Legislature | South Africa
    • Hellenic OCR Team
    • House of Commons of Canada
    • National Assembly of the Gambia
    • National Assembly of Pakistan
    • NovaWorks Australia
    • Parliament of Ghana
    • Parliament of Kenya
    • Parliament of Saint Lucia
    • Parliament of Sierra Leone
    • Parliament of Sri Lanka
    • Parliament of the United Kingdom
    • Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Parliamentary Network Africa
    • Western Cape Provincial Parliament | South Africa
    • Xcential Legislative Technologies

    Representatives from across the Commonwealth deliberated, discussed and debated, making the conference a truly collaborative experience. The discussions and debates held during the conference were an acknowledgement of our shared commitment to legislative modernisation, offering fresh insights and experiences that will guide future efforts.

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