• LegisTech Asia & Pacific: Balancing Transparency and Accessibility - Highlights from the 1st Edition

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  • In commemoration of International Parliamentarism Day, we proudly hosted the maiden convening of LegisTech: Asia & Pacific. This landmark assembly summoned luminaries from a myriad of regions across Asia and the Pacific, thus serving as a prestigious platform for fostering intellectual dialogue on pivotal topics such as institutional advancement and the digital metamorphosis within the legislative sphere. The event witnessed the participation of distinguished public functionaries hailing from an array of legislative assemblies within these geographies.

    At the crux of the assembly, two major deliberations emerged: the necessity of rendering legislative data accessible to the public and the imperative of prioritising a user-centric approach towards digital transformation in the legislative sector. Inevitably, these discussions encouraged us to reflect upon the intricate balance between transparency, accessibility, and the demand for a digital-forward legislative sector.

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the honourable representatives from Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat of Indonesia, the Knesset, Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan, National Assembly of Pakistan, NovaWorks Australia, Parlamento Nacional of Timor-Leste, Sansad of India, and Xcential Legislative Technologies. Their invaluable contributions amplified our comprehension of the ongoing digital transition within the legislative dominion in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting their diverse experiences and advancements in this transformative journey.

    As we look back on this enriching conference, we are reminded of the power of international dialogue and collaborative engagement. Indeed, the inaugural LegisTech: Asia & Pacific conference underscores the collective stride towards a digitally empowered legislative future, propelling us ever forward in this relentless pursuit of modernization and innovation.

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