• Inter-American debate about the digitalisation of the legislative process

    How it was

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  • Bússola Tech successfully convened an insightful debate on May 6th, 2021, under the theme "The Digital Transformation of the Legislative Process." The debate focused on the modernization and digitalization of the legislative process, especially the challenges and advancements in Latin America post-pandemic.


    The discussion was enriched by the contributions of notable speakers, including Alisha Todd, Director-General from ParlAmericas, Gustavo Sabóia,Secretary-General of the Senado Federal of Brazil, Juan Manuel Cheppi, Secretary-General of the Cámara de Diputados de la Nación of Argentina, and Nicolas Andrade, Director at Zoom. The debate was moderated by Luis Kimaid, Executive-Director of Bússola Tech.


    The conversation kicked off with a focus on the adaptation of Parliaments in the Americas to the Covid-19 crisis, exploring beyond the necessity for remote or hybrid sessions and delving into the next steps for developing a digital transformation strategy. This led to an engaging dialogue on the challenges and advancements experienced by different legislative bodies in implementing digital solutions.


    The panel then shifted to assess the role and impact of various digital platforms like Zoom in the legislative process, considering their use during the pandemic and potential future applications. This segment highlighted the importance of choosing suitable technological tools to support legislative activities, both in times of crisis and normalcy.


    Another key focus was the modernization of bylaws to accommodate digital transformation within legislative frameworks. The speakers discussed the complexities of adapting traditional processes to new digital realities, including the challenges of revising rules and procedures to enable further modernization.

    Technological innovation in the legislative context, often seen as a risk-averse area, formed a significant part of the discussion. The panellists explored ways to balance the inherent risk aversion in legislative processes with the need for technological advancement and innovation.


    The session concluded with reflections on the need for ongoing innovation, collaboration, and learning to successfully navigate the digital transformation in legislative processes. Their insights emphasised how strategically implemented technology could revolutionise legislative functions, leading to improved efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.