• AI and Democracy: Organization of American States (OAS), in partnership with Bússola Tech, unveils new insights in 'Generative Technologies and Cyberspace in the 2024 Legislative Agenda

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    Bússola Tech had the honour to collaborate with the Organisation of American States (OAS) in the artificial intelligence arena. Under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Moises Benamor, the OAS, with the support of Fortinet, led an important initiative, to develop a book called 'Generative Technologies and Cyberspace in the 2024 Legislative Agenda'.




    It explores the impact of these technologies on democracy, human rights, cybersecurity, and more, within legislative institutions. Diverse experts provide insights on the challenges and opportunities posed by these emerging technologies in relation to legislative processes and policies. The book is a comprehensive examination of how digital advancements are reshaping legislative frameworks and governance.




    The chapter "Artificial Intelligence in Parliament: Bridging Tradition and Technological Innovation" authored by the Executive-Director of Bússola Tech, Mr. Luís Kimaid and the CEO of Govable.ai, Mr. Ari Hershowitz, provides an in-depth analysis of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be integrated into parliamentary operations. It discusses the intersection of traditional legislative methods with innovative AI technologies.




    The chapter covers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for digitaling legislative documents, AI integration with stenography for precise record-keeping, automated document distribution to legislative committees, semantic search enhancements on parliamentary websites, and the utilisation of AI in legislative drafting. These tools exemplify AI's transformative potential in enhancing parliamentary operations' efficiency and accessibility.




    The chapter also emphasises the need for ethical governance and careful risk management, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in enhancing legislative decision-making while also highlighting the importance of maintaining human judgment and democratic principles in legislative functions.