• Session on Enabling Modern Parliaments: Strategies for Integrating AI in the G20 Context

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  • On March 14th, 2024, Bússola Tech hosted a panel discussion titled "G20 Parliaments - Enablers of Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments." This session aimed to explore the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in modernising parliamentary operations.




    Moderated by Mr. Luís Kimaid, Executive-Director of Bússola Tech, the panel featured distinguished participants: Mr. Rodolfo Vaz, Director of Digital Solutions for Communication, from the Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil, Mr. Jonathan Ruckert, CEO from NovaWorks Australia, and Dr. Martin Kamprath, Advisor on Research Services from the Deutscher Bundestag.




    The discussion commenced with each speaker discussing current or planned implementations of AI tools within their respective parliaments and NovaWorks Australia sharing their work in partnership with Parliaments around AI. They shared their experiences, highlighting both the potential benefits and challenges associated with AI adoption within the legislative context.




    A central focus of the panel was the crucial importance of engaging Members of Parliament (MPs) in the AI adoption process. The participants discussed strategies for securing MP involvement and support, emphasising how this engagement positively impacts legislative processes, decision-making, and overall parliamentary efficiency




    The conversation then delved into strategies used to educate and involve parliamentary staff from non-technical backgrounds about AI. The participants explored programs designed to demonstrate AI's complementary role, highlighting its ability to support rather than replace their work. They discussed how these approaches foster a culture of innovation, encouraging broad participation in the deployment of AI solutions.




    In conclusion, the panel underscored the transformative potential of AI within parliaments. The speakers emphasised the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among legislative bodies to ensure the successful and responsible integration of AI technologies.

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