• Session on Possible Applications of AI in Constituent Relations in the G20 Context

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  • On April 11th, 2024, Bússola Tech hosted a panel discussion titled "G20 Parliaments - Possible Applications of AI in Constituent Relations." This session aimed to explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) for enhancing interactions between constituents and parliamentary offices across G20 nations.



    Moderated by Mr. Luís Kimaid from Bússola Tech, the panel featured prominent speakers: Mr. Cristiano Ferri from the Câmara dos Deputados of Brazil, Mr. Jonathan Ruckert of NovaWorks Australia, Ms. Lumina Mentari from the House of Representatives of Indonesia, and Mr. Stephen Dwyer from the U.S. House of Representatives.



    The session began with each speaker providing a brief overview of current or prospective uses of AI tools in their respective parliamentary operations or, in the case of NovaWorks, their partnerships with various parliaments. They discussed specific implementations, emphasising both the advantages and challenges of integrating AI into constituent relations.



    A significant portion of the discussion focused on the compatibility of AI systems with existing legislative tools and databases. The speakers shared strategies for integrating AI to streamline access to relevant information and facilitate constituent inquiries. They also considered how to maintain a personal touch in constituent relations amidst increasing automation, emphasising the importance of AI tools complementing rather than replacing human interactions.



    In conclusion, the panel highlighted the transformative potential of AI in improving communication and efficiency in parliamentary constituent relations. The discussion underscored the importance of collaborative efforts among G20 parliaments to ensure the responsible and effective implementation of AI technologies.

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