• Discussion about Enhancing Parliamentary Processes with Effective Workflows

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  • Bússola Tech convened a panel discussion on August 16th, 2023, under the banner of “Enhancing Parliamentary Processes with Effective Workflows.” The panel included experts from different parliaments and offered a focused exploration of the challenges and possible solutions related to the digital integration of parliamentary resources.

    The discussion featured esteemed panellists Mr. Danilo Aguiar, the Chief Legislative Counsel from the Senado Federal of Brazil, Mr. Christopher Henry, the Director of Business IT Programs from the House of Commons of Canada, Mr. Ludovic Delepine, the Head of Archives from the EU Parliament, Dr. Raj Iyer, Head of Global Public Sector from ServiceNow, Mrs. Mairead Keating, the Head of ICT and Mr. Ronan Curran from the Digital Transformation Programme from the Oireachtas of Ireland. Mr. Luís Kimaid, the Executive Director from Bússola Tech guided the conversation as the moderator.

    Opening the dialogue, the panel delved into the enduring traditions of parliaments and their subsequent influence on the efficiency and transparency of operations. The dialogue aimed to highlight areas with immediate potential for innovative interventions.

    Transitioning, the discussion emphasised the interactions between parliamentary departments and the diverse array of users and stakeholders they serve. Through a critical lens, the panel debated ways to refine, and possibly reinvent, these integral relationships.

    A pivotal point of the session centred on the ongoing modernisation strategies of parliaments worldwide. Here, the emphasis lay on the potential amalgamation of tailored digital services into overarching process management platforms. Such platforms, as suggested by the panel, hold the promise of alleviating system fragmentation while bolstering workflow coherence. Concurrently, the dialogue addressed the challenges and merits associated with merging various tools into a unified system.

    The debate’s concluding segment saw panel members exploring the nuances of customising digital platforms to align with the distinct challenges and prerequisites of parliaments. They expounded on the transformative trajectory these platforms might carve for the future of digital workflows in legislative settings.

    Concluding, the session echoed the pivotal role of continual discourse, mutual learning, and transnational collaboration in untangling the intricacies of digital amalgamation within parliamentary infrastructures. The expert panel underscored the potential of judiciously harnessed technology in redefining these intricate processes, thereby fostering enhanced efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity.

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