• Session about Bridging the Old and New: Emerging Technologies Place in Parliaments

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  • On November 16th, 2023, Bússola Tech convened a panel discussion under the title "Bridging the Old and New: Emerging Technologies' Place in Parliaments." This panel, part of the larger symposium, called "Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments: Dialogue with Secretaries-General/ Clerks of Parliament" brought together a panel of esteemed experts from different parliaments, each sharing insights into the integration of emerging technologies within parliamentary operations.

    The panel included notable figures such as Mr. David Wilson, the Clerk from the Parliament of New Zealand, Mr. Eric Janse, the Clerk from the House of Commons of Canada, Mr. José Pedro Montero, the Secretary-General from the Cámara de Senadores de Uruguay, Mr. Mark Stodder, the President from Xcential Legislative Technologies, and Victor Marcel Pinheiro, the Chief Advisor to the Secretary-General from the Senado Federal of Brazil. The discussion was moderated by Luís Kimaid, the Executive Director from Bússola Tech.

    The dialogue opened with a focus on how parliaments can incorporate artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies into their operations while maintaining their enduring traditions. The discussion highlighted the potential for these technologies to enhance efficiency, transparency and deliverables in parliamentary processes.

    As the discussion progressed, it emphasised the importance of interactions between parliamentary departments and the wide array of users and stakeholders they serve. The panel critically examined how to refine these relationships through technology, potentially reinventing them for better coherence and integration.

    A central theme of the session was the ongoing modernization strategies of parliaments worldwide. The panellists discussed the amalgamation of tailored digital services into comprehensive process management platforms.

    In its concluding segment, the debate shifted to the nuances of customising digital platforms to meet the specific challenges and requirements of different parliaments, as well as the financial constraints. The participants shared their visions on how these platforms could shape the future of Parliaments.

    The session closed by reaffirming the importance of ongoing dialogue, mutual learning, and transnational collaboration. The panel underscored the significant potential of well-harnessed technology to redefine intricate legislative processes, fostering greater efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity in parliamentary infrastructures.

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